Shipping Policy

Gioia engages world-class logistic partner to ensure the parcel is delivered on time to you. Some countries are known for being strict and slow with customs, we are sorry that we can't put a magic stamp on our packages to help them get through faster.


Please note that the price of the purchases and the shipping fee do not include additional duties and taxes that may apply as per local laws of importation. Purchasers will be responsible for covering all of their local customs duties.

Return &

Exchange Policy

Gioia will not offer refunds or returns. However, if you receive a faulty item that shows manufacturing defects, you are welcome to contact us for an exchange. Unexpected issues may arise and we always deal with issues and hiccups with our customers’ satisfaction at the top of our priorities list.

We promise that should any unexpected issues arise, we will handle them with clear communication, transparency, and care. Our promise is also simple - clear, responsive communication. Thank you for believing in us and joining us on the journey.